RELEASED: December 15, 2006
DISTRIBUTED BY: Paramount Pictures
DIRECTED BY: Gary Winick
PRODUCED BY: Jordan Kerner

With the birth of a new litter of 11 piglets, the farmer must eliminate one so the mother can feed them. The farmer gets his ax and selects the runt of the litter when he is stopped by his daughter, Fern (Dakota Fanning). Fern begins to feed her new piglet and names him Wilbur (voice of Dominic Scott Kay). After Wilbur gets strong enough to be on his own, he is put into the barn across the road. In the new barn, he meets many different animals: cows, sheep, geese, a rat, a horse, and of course a spider named Charlotte (voice of Julia Roberts). Wilbur’s friendship with all the animals in the barn brings them all together, and they become one big happy family. There is only one problem that Wilbur doesn’t know, he is a spring pig, and they don’t usually get to see winter. Charlotte promises Wilbur that she will do something to save his life. Charlotte spins the words “some pig” in her web to show the farmer a miracle that may save Wilbur’s life.


This was a very cute movie when it first came out in 1973. I was so happy to be a part of the updated 2006 version. I played Betsy the cow and Kathy Bates was Bitsy the cow. I don’t know if we were sisters or just buddy cows! :) We had a great time working together on the part. I love doing animation and family fantasy movies.



Charlotte’s Web Trailer