SERIES PREMIERE: November, 2012
SERIES FINALE: March 22, 2013

Country music superstar/actress Reba returns to television as a wife and mother whose world is turned upside-down when she discovers that her country music legend husband has a cheatin’ heart. On her way to becoming a country star herself, Reba put her career on hold to raise a family. Husband Bobby always emphasized family values in his music, but with the very public discovery of his numerous affairs, Reba decides to not stand by her man. Now, with a divorce pending, Reba packs up her sharp-tongued southern mother, Lillie Mae (Lily Tomlin), and her two kids and U-Hauls it straight to sunny California to begin a new chapter in life. Leaving Nashville in the rear view mirror, they start over at their Malibu residence – the last remaining asset they have, and Bobby’s former secret love nest. Once the most popular boy in his Nashville high school, Reba’s teenaged son, Cash (Justin Prentice), finds himself feeling positively average compared to the good lookking, affluent Malibu boys – a fate worse than death! On the other hand, Reba’s teen daughter, June (Juliette Angelo), never really fit in with her peers. In Malibu she blends in perfectly and finds a new best friend in Sage, an openly gay neighborhood boy who embraces his sexuality. Tough-as-nails mom Lillie Mae discovers the serenity of Southern California living and fully embraces her new, laid-back, relaxed lifestyle. But Reba learns relocating to Malibu is going to be quite a challenge to her traditional southern values. The West Coast seems like the polar opposite of Music City, and she feels like an outsider. Her gregarious and very liberal new neighbor and Sage’s stepmother, Kim (Sara Rue), doesn’t have many friends and immediately attaches herself to Reba, enthusiastically offering to mentor her in becoming a little less country and a bit more California cool. When Reba discovers that trying to revive her career is going to be an uphill battle, she befriends Geoffrey (Jai Rodriguez), the assistant to her new music agent. With his help and unorthodox methods, she might yet have a chance to become a chart topper. Still, in the end it’s family that matters most to Reba, as each member of hers learns to view this new Malibu lifestyle as a chance to begin anew.



S01E01 Nov. 2, 2012

Reba leaves her cheating husband and takes her kids and mother to California so she can pursue her long set-aside music career.


S01E02 Nov. 9, 2012
Baby Steps

Kim and Lillie Mae convince Reba to go on a blind date; June experiences some boy troubles.


S01E03 Nov. 16, 2012
Shell Games

Reba is insulted when Mr. Bata wants Travie McCoy, a rapper, to record one of her songs; Lillie Mae realizes she has a secret admirer; Cash tries to hide his accent.


S01E04 Nov. 23, 2012
Cash’s Car

Reba is furious when her ex-husband gives Cash a brand new sports car for his birthday; Lillie Mae tries to a calm a worried and pregnant Kim.


S01E05 Nov. 30, 2012
Not With My Daughter

Reba feels threatened by her daughter’s relationship with Kim; Lillie Mae educates Cash on being the man of the house.


S01E06 Dec. 7, 2012
Bro Code

Reba tries to get dirt on Bobby’s past from his ex-bandmate; Cash gets grounded for sneaking out to help his sister.


S01E07 Dec. 14, 2012
Merry Malibu Christmas

Despite all the change in her life, Reba is determined to have a traditional family Christmas and even invites Bobby over for dinner.


S01E08 Jan. 4, 2013
Push Comes To Shove

Reba tries to get June’s school to revive its music program; Cash earns a bad boy persona when he stands up the most popular boy in school; Lillie Mae fights to keep her local pot dispensary open.


S01E09 Jan. 11, 2013
Cold Shower

While planning Kim’s baby shower, Reba is taped saying some unkind words about her; June tries to deal with her crush on Sage; Lillie Mae helps Cash get girls to notice him.


S01E10 Jan. 18, 2013
Easy Money

Reba struggles to be gracious when June lands a meeting with Mr. Bata; Kim and Lillie Mae discover that Cash has a lucrative ability.


S01E11 Feb. 1, 2013
Based On A True Story

When Cash has a hard time writing a one-act play, Reba suggests that he draw from his own experiences; Geoffrey gets Lillie Mae into his improv class.


S01E12 Feb. 8, 2013
Adventures In Babysitting

Bad girl singer Shauna moves in with Reba and her family while they collaborate on a song.


S01E13 Feb. 15, 2013
Babies Having Babies

Lillie Mae and Reba put their plans on hold when a neighbor makes a confession that surprises the entire family.


S01E14 Feb. 22, 2013
Bowling For Mama

Cash, Reba and June try to give Lillie Mae the best birthday gift ever.


S01E15 Mar. 1, 2013
Oh Brother

Reba’s brother shows up and decides to help Lillie Mae turn her barbecue sauce into a successful business; June embarrasses Cash at school.


S01E16 Mar. 8, 2013
Marriage Malibu Style

Kim’s husband greets Reba with an overly friendly kiss; Lillie Mae gets a full-body sunburn after a visit to a nude beach; June decides to test Reba’s boundaries.


S01E17 Mar. 15, 2013
New Plans

Reba is excited to finally meet Geoffrey’s boss, Mr. Bata, but is disappointed when he asks her to write a jingle for a commercial; Kim worries about Sage’s future.


S01E18 Mar. 22, 2013
All You Single Ladies

Reba’s family secretly orchestrates an online date for her, but her first encounter with Brad (Stacy Keach) does not go as planned; Reba comes to a realization about herself.