RELEASED: December 14, 2004
SEASON PREMIERE: October 5, 2001
SEASON FINALE: May 10, 2002

When your husband of twenty years divorces you for a woman half his age, it’s time to move on to Plan B. For Reba Hart (Reba McEntire), that means not only accepting that her marriage is over, but also accepting that her ex’s new wife is pregnant. If that isn’t disruptive enough, Reba learns that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant too. So it’s out with the old and in with the new as hubby leaves and son-in-law arrives. With all the outrageous domestic obstacles thrown in her path, Reba realizes one thing for sure: life will be never be the same in this dysfunctional household.

Contains all 22 season one episodes




S01E01 Oct. 5, 2001

Reba learns that her husband, Brock, is leaving her to marry his pregnant 22-year-old girlfriend and that her own 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, is pregnant too.


S01E02 Oct. 12, 2001
The Honeymoon’s Over or Now What

In a case of applying a double standard, Cheyenne is asked to leave high school because of her pregnancy, while her football-playing new husband is welcome to stay.


S01E03 Oct. 19, 2001
Someone’s at the Gyno with Reba

Reba is outraged after Brock takes their youngest son to the gynecologist’s office, and Cheyenne and Van wrestle over finding a place for all his belongings.


S01E04 Oct. 26, 2001
You Make Me Sick

As Cheyenne struggles with bouts of morning sickness and a husband who doesn’t sympathize with her, Reba is suspicious when a friend doesn’t want her son playing at Reba’s house.


S01E05 Nov. 2, 2001
The Steaks Are High

When Reba serves the wrong brand of potato salad at the football team’s ritual pre-game dinner, the players resign themselves to losing before the game even starts.


S01E06 Nov. 9, 2001
The Man and the Moon

While Reba finds herself romanced by a plumber she called in to fix the garbage disposal, Cheyenne finds a picture of her bare bottom posted on the Web.


S01E07 Nov. 16, 2001
Tea and Antipathy

As Reba tries to get Brock to spend more time with their youngest daughter, Van’s parents invite their son to move back into their spacious mansion – without his wife.


S01E08 Dec. 7, 2001
Don’t Know Much About History

Van is under so much pressure to pass a history exam so he can play in the big game on Friday night that he keeps freezing up when it’s time to take the test.


S01E09 Dec. 14, 2001
Every Picture Tells A Story

An old photo that Reba finds among Brock’s belongings makes her suspect he was cheating on her long before they were separated.


S01E10 Jan. 11, 2002
When Good Credit Goes Bad

While Van and Cheyenne practice their parenting skills on Kyra, Reba is outraged to discover a $4,000 charge on her credit card made by Brock’s girlfriend.


S01E11 Jan. 18, 2001
Meet the Parents

With Reba’s parents visiting to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Reba is miffed when Brock dares to show up at the house with Barbra Jean in tow.


S01E12 Jan. 25, 2002
A Mid-Semester’s Night Dream

Reba’s new job as a substitute teacher at Cheyenne’s high school is short-lived after two students misunderstand her comments about sex and marriage.


S01E13 Feb. 1, 2002
Brock’s Swan Song

Van is upset after Cheyenne’s sonogram shows their baby is a girl, and Brock asks Reba to help spread his father’s ashes at his beloved golf course.


S01E14 Feb. 15, 2002
The Story Of A Divorce

After receiving her final divorce papers, Reba decides it’s time to move on, so she makes a date with the guy she dumped in college in order to go out with Brock.


S01E15 Feb. 22, 2002
You May Kick The Bride

If Reba is annoyed when Brock and Barbra Jean ask for her blessing on their marriage, she is doubly upset to find herself a captive at their ceremony.


S01E16 Mar. 15, 2002
Vanny Dearest

Reba’s attempts to reunite Van with his estranged mother backfires after his mother begins spending all her time at Reba’s house causing problems between Van and Cheyenne.


S01E17 Apr. 12, 2002
He’s Having A Baby

The film shown at their first Lamaze class terrifies Cheyenne but fascinates Van, and Reba gets upset over Brock’s remarks about being a better father to his new baby.


S01E18 Apr. 19, 2002
She Works Hard For Their Money

When Brock arrives at Cheyenne’s baby shower with a car for Van and Cheyenne, Reba insists the newlyweds must earn half the cost before they can drive it.


S01E19 Apr. 26, 2002
Labor Of Love

Reba tricks Brock into going camping so he’ll miss the USC recruiter who’s coming to talk to Van, but instead he misses the birth of his new baby.


S01E20 May 3, 2002
The King And I

Van appeals to an often overlooked and unpopular segment of the student population in an attempt to ensure that Cheyenne is nominated prom queen.


S01E21 May 10, 2002
Up A Treehouse Without A Paddle

After realizing that he’s been spending all his time with his new infant son, Brock decides to make it up to Jake by building him a treehouse.


S01E22 May 10, 2002
It Ain’t Over Till The Redhead Sings

Determined to attend her graduation ceremony, Cheyennes hides the fact she is in labor, even as her strong contractions leave her unable to move.