RELEASED: December 15, 2005
SEASON PREMIERE: September 20, 2002
SEASON FINALE: May 9, 2003

Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) knew divorce wasn’t going to be easy – she just hadn’t anticipated how much her ex-husband’s new wife would want to be part of “the family.” On top of that, Reba learns her married daughter isn’t going to be moving out of the house with her new husband and baby daughter as planned. Now, with no breadwinner in the house, Reba realizes she’d rather accept a job working for her ex-husband than apply for food stamps. But no matter how hard she tries to make family life run smoothly, Reba soon realizes there’s just no darn way to please everyone!

Contains all 24 season two episodes




S02E01 Sept. 20, 2002
House Rules

Reba is furious when she suspects that Barbra Jean lets Jake eat fast food when he’s at her house, and Van and Cheyenne guiltily admit how they really feel about their new baby.


S02E02 Sept. 27, 2002
Skating Away

Reba’s attempts to spend more time with Kyra get derailed after Van and Cheyenne learn they’ve lost their apartment on campus and won’t be able to move out of Reba’s house.


S02E03 Oct. 4, 2002
Proud Reba

Reba is shocked and shamed when her family has to apply for food stamps, so against her better judgement, she accepts a job working at Brock’s office.


S02E04 Oct. 11, 2002
Reba Works for Brock

While Cheyenne gets ready for her first day at college, Reba shows up for her first day of work and is horrified to discover that Barbra Jean is her boss.


S02E05 Oct. 18, 2002
It’s Jake’s Party, Cry If You Want To

When Reba decides to be nice to Barbra Jean during Jake’s birthday party, Barbra Jean misinterprets the lack of Reba’s zingers as a sign that Reba is mad at her.


S02E06 Nov. 1, 2002
Safe Dating

Kyra feels she has no choice but to break up with her new boyfriend after Reba meets his divorced dad and the two adults start flirting with each other.


S02E07 Nov. 8, 2002
Mommy Nearest

Reba is stunned when she hears Jake say, “Bye, Mommy” to Barbra Jean, and Cheyenne and Van argue after his friends invite them to a BBQ and her friends invite them to a concert.


S02E08 Nov. 14, 2002

When Reba starts dating again, Kyra angrily tells Cheyenne that divorced people don’t deserve to be happy because they need to be punished for their mistakes.


S02E09 Nov. 22, 2002

While Brock takes the kids on an overnight trip to Barbra Jean’s family reunion, Reba nervously prepares for the possibility of having sex with her new boyfriend.


S02E10 Dec. 13, 2002
Cookies For Santa

A despondent Reba finds herself alone on Christmas Eve after Jake goes to Brock’s house and Cheyenne and Van decide to spend the holiday alone in a cabin in the woods.


S02E11 Jan. 10, 2003
A Moment In Time

Family members each secretly videotape a message for baby Elizabeth and then go crazy trying to discover what each other said on the tape.


S02E12 Jan. 17, 2003
The Vasectomy

When Reba starts dating again, Kyra angrily tells Cheyenne that divorced people don’t deserve to be happy because they need to be punished for their mistakes.


S02E13 Jan. 24, 2003
The Rings

While Reba decides to sell her engagement ring so she can afford to flush a dead mouse out of her car engine, Van decides it’s time to buy Cheyenne a diamond ring of her own.


S02E14 Jan. 31, 2003
Seeing Red

Reba’s jealousy over the growing relationship between Kyra and Barbra Jean turns to outrage when Barbra Jean shows up at the house with her hair dyed the exact shade of red as Reba’s.


S02E15 Feb. 7, 2003
Terry Holliway

Reba and Brock reluctantly accept an invitation to a surprise birthday party for the old boyfriend that Reba broke up with in order to be with Brock.


S02E16 Feb. 14, 2003
Valentine’s Day

While Reba is nervous about what her boyfriend may say to her on Valentine’s Day, Brock and Van try to outdo each other by when they go out on a double date with their wives.


S02E17 Feb. 21, 2003
The Feud

Reba realizes that Eugene and Brock aren’t mad at each other because she left Brock to work with Eugene, but because Brock stole Barbra Jean away from Eugene!


S02E18 Feb. 28, 2003
And The Grammy Goes To…

Now that she’s divorced from Brock, Reba looks forward to telling her ex-mother-in-law exactly what she thinks of her, and Cheyenne urges Van to try to make up with his father.


S02E19 Mar. 7, 2003
The Wall

Reba brings a bucket of chicken home for dinner only to discover Van’s rich parents have come visiting and brought a little surprise of their own – a new pony for Elizabeth.


S02E20 Mar. 14, 2003
The Best Defense

While Brock tries to save money by installing a home security system all by himself, Reba and Barbra Jean exchange a few punches after they show up at the same self-defense class.


S02E21 Mar. 28, 2003
For Sale, Cheap

Although Reba needs help organizing the school auction, she is upset when Barbra Jean volunteers – especially after the auction raise more money than it did the year before.


S02E22 Apr. 25, 2003
The Will

Reba’s near brush with death has everyone wondering who should get what if she does die, but Reba’s only concern is who Van and Cheyenne have appointed as Elizabeth’s guardian.


S02E23 May 2, 2003
Location, Location, Location

Reba is torn when both of her daughters ask for money; Kyra for spending the summer in England because of her good grades, and Cheyenne because she needs to go to summer school.


S02E24 May 9, 2003
Your Place Or Mine

While Van feels it’s time Elizabeth moves out of the bedroom she shares with him and Cheyenne, Reba is stunned to learn that Cheyenne feels it’s time to move out of the house altogether!


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