RELEASED: April 25, 2006
SEASON PREMIERE: September 12, 2003
SEASON FINALE: May 14, 2004

First Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) had to get used to the fact that her husband of twenty years left her to marry his young dental assistant. Now she has to face the fact that her youngest daughter wants to go live with her ex-husband and his new wife! Hurt and angry, Reba struggles to accept her daughter’s decision. But when her son also starts spending more time at his father’s house, Reba fears she’s losing her whole family. Although with her ex-husband’s new wife constantly showing up asking for advice, Reba soon realizes that losing family is the last thing she needs to worry about!

Contains all 22 season three episodes




S03E01 Sept. 12, 2003
She’s Leaving Home, Bye Bye

The Hart household is turned upside-down when Kyra decides she’s leaving home to move in with her father and Barbra Jean.


S03E02 Sept. 19, 2003
War And Peace

While Barbra Jean is upset that Kyra won’t obey the household rules, Reba is delighted to have Kyra as her new best friend.


S03E03 Sept. 26, 2003
The Best And The Blondest

Much to the delight of her father, and the chagrin of her mother, Cheyenne decides that she’s going to school to become a dentist.


S03E04 Oct. 3, 2003
Spies Like Reba

Barbra Jean and Reba do a little undercover reconnaissance after they discover Kyra is going to an unsupervised party at a boy’s house.


S03E05 Oct. 10, 2003
Calling The Pot Brock

Confessing to, and lying about, having smoked marijuana causes problems between Brock and Kyra and Cheyenne and Van.


S03E06 Oct. 17, 2003

Determined to put an end to the never-ending stream of family conflicts, Barbra Jean sets up a family workshop with a communication guru.


S03E07 Nov. 31, 2003
The Ghost and Mrs. Hart

While Reba agrees to help a terrified Barbra Jean rid her house of a ghost, Van and Cheyenne worry that Elizabeth isn’t as smart as other babies.


S03E08 Nov. 7, 2003
The Cat’s Meow

Reba fears she’s losing her family after Jakes start spending more time at Brock’s house, and Kyra brings home a cat that almost everyone is allergic to.


S03E09 Nov. 14, 2003
Regarding Henry

As Van and Cheyenne get ready for Van’s first college football game in Texas, Reba is dismayed to learn that they’ve decided to leave baby Elizabeth with Barbra Jean.


S03E10 Nov. 21, 2003
The Great Race

Reba trains with Van so she can beat Brock in a 5K race, and Barbra Jean tries her best to teach Cheyenne how to cook.


S03E11 Jan. 9, 2004
All Growed Up

Van is excited over the opportunity to play for an arena football team, but a supportive comment from Reba ironically makes him skip his tryout.


S03E12 Jan. 16, 2004
The United Front

Van decides to stand up for Jake after he gets in trouble with a girl at school, while Brock, Barbra Jean and Reba struggle to come up with dating rules for Kyra.


S03E13 Jan. 23, 2004
To Tell The Truth

The family disagrees on what Van should tell Cheyenne after he lies about having dinner with the football team’s pretty publicity agent.


S03E14 Jan. 30, 2004
Brock’s Mulligan

Reba is stunned when Brock announces he’s going to sell his dental practice and follow his lifelong dream of playing professional golf.


S03E15 Feb. 6, 2003
The Shirt Off My Back

While Van tries to persuade Cheyenne to let him shave his head like the rest of the football team, Barbra Jean and Reba become partners in the patched shirt business.


S03E16 Feb. 13, 2004
Sister Act

Kyra and Cheyenne form a new sisterly bond after Kyra gets thrown out of school for punching a girl who called Cheyenne a slut.


S03E17 Feb. 20, 2004
Fight Or Flight

Fed up with the fights between her father and Barbra Jean, Kyra sneaks out at night and takes refuge in her old bedroom at Reba’s house.


S03E18 Mar. 19, 2004
The Big Fix-Up

Cheyenne is upset when Van buys a 1965 Mustang without consulting her, and Reba is shocked when Barbra Jean shows up with a blind date for her.


S03E19 Mar. 26, 2004
The Good Girl

Reba ends up scratching the paint on Van’s new sports car after she and Kyra secretly take it for a spin around town.


S03E20 Apr. 30, 2004
Happy Pills

Kyra is upset after her boyfriend breaks up with her because she won’t have sex with him, and Barbra Jean thinks Brock is having an affair.


S03E21 May 7, 2004
Girls’ Night Out

Cheyenne’s girl’s night out with Reba and Barbra Jean to celebrate her 21st birthday goes awry when the older women constantly argue about Brock.


S03E22 May 14, 2004
Core Focus

When Barbra Jean tells Brock she wants to have another baby, Brock confides in Reba about how his therapy has made him feel about his second marriage.


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