RELEASED: November 14, 2006
SEASON PREMIERE: September 17, 2004
SEASON FINALE: May 20, 2005

It takes a lot of heart to keep a family like this one together. Country music superstar Reba McEntire is back as Reba Hart, and always, keeping the peace in her household is one hilarious challenge after another. Amid Brock and Barbra Jean’s martial troubles, Cheyenne’s personal struggles, Van’s career crisis and Kyra’s growing pains, Reba somehow manages to keep the whole family functioning at a level just above dysfunctional. A little love, it turns out, goes a long way. Vibrant, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, Season Four of Reba has it all!

Contains all 22 season four episodes




S04E01 Sept. 17, 2004
The Accidental Role Model

Reba is caught in the middle when Brock and Barbra Jean’s marriage is on the rocks, and Kyra complicates matters by telling Cheyenne and Van that Barbra Jean caught Reba and Brock in bed together.


S04E02 Sept. 24, 2004
Mother’s Intuition

Reba is surprised to discover that Kyra has cancelled plans with her because Barbra Jean, reeling from her separation with Brock, has been monopolizing Kyra’s time.


S04E03 Oct. 1, 2004
The Two Girl Theory

Barbra Jean talks a reluctant Reba into a girls’ night out, and they’re both pleasantly surprised. Van’s talk to Jake about the birds and the bees, on the other hand, doesn’t go so well.


S04E04 Oct. 8, 2004
Van’s Agent

After offending a prospective agent who happens to be a lesbian, Van covers up by saying that Reba is also gay and then asks Reba to go along with the ruse.


S04E05 Oct. 15, 2004

To celebrate Van’s arena football contract, Reba and Cheyenne plan a surprise party for him, but he’s the one with the real surprise.


S04E06 Oct. 22, 2004
Couple’s Therapy

Brock and Barbra Jean being seeing a therapist who says that Reba is largely to blame for their marital problems. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is crushed to find that Van loves his new life in Denver.


S04E07 Nov. 5, 2004
All Fore One

Barbra Jean is upset when Reba forces Brock to choose between his dental practice and professional golf, and Van worries that his football career is costing him too much precious time away from his daughter, Elizabeth.


S04E08 Nov. 12, 2004
Hello, I Must Be Going

Reba is emotionally conflicted when Kyra announces that she wants to move back home because Kyra thinks that Brock hates her. Meanwhile, Cheyenne’s good intentions are driving Van away from her.


S04E09 Nov. 19, 2004

Reba and Barbra Jean clash over who will host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.


S04E10 Jan. 14, 2005
No Boys Upstairs

Against Barbra Jean’s wishes and her own better judgement, Reba allows Kyra to have her new boyfriend over without adult supervision, while Cheyenne decides to decorate Van’s apartment when she visits him in Denver.


S04E11 Jan. 21, 2005
Diamond Jim Brady

Van is crushed to learn that he has a career-ending medical condition, but his luck quickly changes when he receives a huge financial settlement and then proceeds to blow it.


S04E12 Jan. 28, 2005
Reba And The Nanny

While Cheyenne is running herself ragged, Van hires a nanny to care for Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean considers asking Brock to move back in with her.


S04E13 Feb. 4, 2005
Date Of Mirth

Reba and Barbra Jean are both attracted to the same man – Barbra Jean’s new marriage counselor!


S04E14 Feb. 11, 2005
Reba The Realtor

After being fired from her job, Reba embarks on a real estate career with Brock as her first client, and Van has some big ideas after seeing Kyra and her band perform at a club.


S04E15 Feb. 18, 2005
Flowers For Van

Elizabeth’s play date feels like a real date for Cheyenne, while Reba and Brock unknowingly flirt with each other via online poker.


S04E16 Feb. 25, 2005
Who Killed Brock?

No one is above suspicion when a psychic informs Barbra Jean that her missing dog, Brock, was killed by a family member. Who done it?


S04E17 Apr. 8, 2005
The Pageant Of Grandmas

When Jake enters Reba into a beauty pageant for grandmothers, a jealous Barbra Jean sets out to compete with her.


S04E18 Apr. 15, 2005
Reba’s Rules Of Real Estate

Reba applies for a job with the city’s hottest real estate agent, and the pressure is on when the agent shows up at Reba’s house for a surprise interview. Guest starring Dolly Parton!


S04E19 Apr. 29, 2005
Driving Miss Kyra

When Kyra passes her driving test, a distrusting Reba gives her a cell phone with a hidden tracking device. Meanwhile, Cheyenne, feeling that life is passing her by, tries to break out of her rut.


S04E20 May 6, 2005
Go Far

Brock volunteers to coach football in order to spend time with Jake, and it’s up to Van, who has some unresolved issues with his own father, to teach Jake the hard-hitting fundamentals.


S04E21 May 13, 2005
Help Wanted

Reba reluctantly hires Van to be her assistant and is surprised – and a bit jealous – when he demonstrates a natural knack for selling real estate.


S04E22 May 20, 2005
Hello, My Name Is Cheyenne

Van takes the blame when Reba finds a hidden bottle of liquor belong to Cheyenne, and Cheyenne drives everyone crazy when she finally comes clean.


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