RELEASED: January 13, 2009
SEASON PREMIERE: September 16, 2005
SEASON FINALE: May 5, 2006

Reba is back, and the Hart household is crazier than ever! Country music superstar Reba McEntire returns as the feisty-yet-frazzled head of the uproariously unpredictable Hart family, and this time, everyone has issues. While Cheyenne and Van struggle to save their rocky marriage, Brock is in danger of losing his home and Barbra Jean is simply driving the rest of the family insane! And still, with a little tough love and a whole lot of determination, Reba manages to keep her extended brood together, proving that she really is a survivor in the hilariously heartfelt Season Five of Reba.

Contains all 22 season one episodes




S05E01 Sept. 16, 2005
Where There’s Smoke

When Cheyenne takes up smoking in an effort to quit drinking, Reba fears that Cheyenne is taking the easy way out, and Brock is led into temptation.


S05E02 Sept. 23, 2005
Reba And The One

Barbra Jean signs Reba up for an online matchmaking service, but when Reba begins dating a new mystery man, the family realizes how much they depend on her.


S05E03 Sept. 30, 2005
As Is

The ever-cautious Reba is apprehensive when she teams up with Van to buy a house to flip.


S05E04 Oct. 7, 2005
And God Created Van

When Van announces that he no longer believes in God, Reba suffers her own crisis of faith and turns to the family’s new minister for guidance.


S05E05 Oct. 14, 2005
No Good Deed

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Barbra Jean starts a dog rescue operation, leaving Reba with a house full of strangers and a lesson about charity.


S05E06 Oct. 28, 2005
Best Li’l Haunted House In Texas

Feeling the Halloween spirit, Reba tries to scare up some fun, but Van is afraid that Cheyenne may be having an affair with her alcohol-recovery sponsor.


S05E07 Nov. 4, 2005
Have Your Cake

When Brock notices that Barbra Jean has been gaining weight, Reba and Cheyenne agree to become her diet buddies, but losing weight isn’t easy.


S05E08 Nov. 11, 2005
Grannies Gone Wild

The family is upset when Cheyenne admits that she no longer wants to be a dentist and that she has found her true calling – giving makeovers to senior citizens. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean has her day in court.


S05E09 Nov. 18, 2005

With Barbra Jean out of town, a miscommunication brings her crazy brother, Buzzard, to Reba’s house for Thanksgiving.


S05E10 Dec. 9, 2005

Because of their constant bickering at work, Reba and Van are forced to see an occupational therapist. Meanwhile, Brock consults a sleep doctor and gets a painful diagnosis.


S05E11 Jan. 13, 2006
Brock’s Got Stones

In Barbra Jean’s absence, Reba cares for Brock when he develops kidney stones. Elsewhere, Cheyenne, feeling unappreciated, volunteers at a local homeless shelter.


S05E12 Jan. 20, 2006
Parenting With Puppets

While Van and Brock spend some quality “guy time” at a day spa, Reba and Barbra Jean clash over Barbra Jean’s lack of parenting skills.


S05E13 Jan. 27, 2006
Don’t Mess With Taxes

An IRS audit spells bad news for Brock and Reba, and Van turns on the charm as a panelist in Cheyenne’s sociology class.


S05E14 Feb. 3, 2006
The Goodbye Guy

Brock decides to sell his house and move to Las Vegas in order to pay off his tax debt, but Reba won’t allow Jake to lose his father.


S05E15 Feb. 17, 2006
Money Blues

Money is the root of some major problems as Cheyenne and Van argue over control of their purse strings and Jake goes into business for himself – selling contraband at school.


S05E16 Feb. 24, 2006
The Trouble With Dr. Hunky

Reba rekindles her romance with Dr. Morgan, but when she learns that he is still married, she turns to an unlikely source for advice.


S05E17 Mar. 17, 2006
Reba The Landlord

Reba and Van agree to buy Brock and Barbra Jean’s house and rent it out to them, but Barbra Jean isn’t exactly an ideal tenant.


S05E18 Mar. 24, 2006
The Blonde Leading The Blind

When the fiercely independent Reba needs some help after having laser-eye surgery, Barbra Jean is only too happy to oblige – until Reba inadvertently insults her.


S05E19 Apr. 14, 2006
Here We Go Again

A court-mandated anger-management session goes from bad to worse for Reba, Brock, Van and Cheyenne when Barbra Jean joins the fray.


S05E20 Apr. 21, 2006
Red Alert

After Barbra Jean sells her life insurance policy, Reba is diagnosed with high blood pressure, but it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Meanwhile, Van plans a romantic surprise for Cheyenne.


S05E21 Apr. 28, 2006
Two Weddings And A Funeral

As Van and Cheyenne prepare to renew their wedding vows, Reba fears that Barbra Jean will turn the ceremony into a schmaltzy, overblown circus.


S05E22 May 5, 2006
Reba’s Heart

After collapsing at Van and Cheyenne’s wedding ceremony, Reba is hospitalized and is determined to save the couple’s troubled marriage, even if it’s the last thing she does.



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