RELEASED: June 23, 2009
SEASON PREMIERE: November 19, 2006
SERIES FINALE: February 18, 2007

Get ready to join country music superstar Reba McEntire and bid farewell to America’s first family of down-home dysfunction in the hilarious and heartfelt final season of Reba. McEntire stars Reba Hart, a feisty single mother whose family is feeling some major growing pains. Van and Cheyenne are expecting a baby, Kyra wants to drop out of school, and Brock and Barbra Jean’s marriage is on the rocks – again. And, as usual, Reba is caught in the middle, doing all she can to keep the peace – and her sanity. All it takes is a little tough love…and a whole lot of heart.

Contains all 13 season six episodes




S06E01 Nov. 19, 2006
Let’s Get Physical

Barbra Jean’s weight loss helps to motivate Reba, but when Brock suspects that Barbra Jean is cheating with her fitness trainer, Reba is recruited to get to the bottom of things.


S06E02 Nov. 19, 2006
Just Business

After meeting with a major real estate competitor, Van and Reba learn that the company wants to hire Van – and not Reba. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean’s new, slender look has Brock concerned.


S06E03 Nov. 26, 2006
Trading Spaces

Change is in the air when Van builds a home office in the garage, Kyra decides to move back in with Reba, and Cheyenne reveals some surprising news.


S06E04 Dec. 3, 2006
Roll With It

After Kyra moves back in, Reba is shocked by some of her new habits, including drinking beer around the house. Elsewhere, a misguided Jake joins a wheelchair basketball team.


S06E05 Dec. 10, 2006
The Break Up

The race is on as Van’s decision to accept a job offer from a big real estate firm causes friction in the Hart household. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean auditions to become a TV weather forecaster.


S06E06 Dec. 17, 2006
Sweet Child O’ Mine

As Cheyenne and Van eagerly await their new arrival, Cheyenne fears that the baby will grow up to be like Kyra. Meanwhile, Van is overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list.


S06E07 Jan. 7, 2007
Locked and Loaded

Hoping to spice up his marriage, Brock seeks advice from an unlikely source – Reba. And, Van is in for a surprise when Kyra videotapes his crazy antics and goes public with them.


S06E08 Jan. 14, 2007
As We Forgive Those…

Barbra Jean fears for her job and asks for Reba’s help when the station hires an ambitious new intern. Meanwhile, Cheyenne has some difficult news for Brock.


S06E09 Jan. 21, 2007
Bullets Over Brock

Reba is caught in the middle when Brock moves into her garage to avoid fighting with Barbra Jean, and the temperamental Van is fired as the coach of Jake’s soccer team.


S06E10 Jan. 28, 2007
Cheyenne’s Rival

Just when Van and Cheyenne think they’ve found their dream house, things turn nightmarish when they discover that the seller is Cheyenne’s high-school nemesis.


S06E11 Feb. 11, 2007
She’s With The Band

Reba puts her foot down when Kyra announces that she is postponing college to go on tour with her hand. Meanwhile, Van and Cheyenne have different ideas about home decor.


S06E12 Feb. 18, 2007
The Housewarming

Reba quickly wears out her welcome by dropping in on Van and Cheyenne unannounced. Elsewhere, now separated from Brock, Barbra Jean has an on-camera melt down.


S06E13 Feb. 18, 2007
The Kids Are Alright

In the bittersweet series finale, Van and Cheyenne move back in with Reba after a fire in their new home, and Barbra Jean faces a difficult decision when she is offered an out-of-state job.


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